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Bringing fun and inspiration
to the world with creators,
through new opportunities born of
technological innovation and value updates.


Minto is a production company that develops new possibilities for content based on manga and anime, and continues to work with creators to create content loved around the world by taking advantage of new opportunities such as SNS, webtoon, and Web3.



Content Solution

The goal of this service is to solve content related issues, together with creators active in IP and Social Media, by planning and supporting corporate marketing. We carry out everything from planning to direction and effect analysis. We have over 250 creators and IPs available in the largest network of its sort in Japan. We are also developing overseas Social Media content marketing and community management services, mainly in Asia.


IP Production

Our business is producing digital IP and content. We develop IP in our own studio and also license IP made by creators and companies. We are the leading company in the world, with a cumulative number of sticker downloads screeding 5 billion. Currently we are also focusing on the development of overseas licenses through overseas branch offices. We launched a Webtoon production studio in 2021.



We’re in the new business that uses blockchain technology in Web3 and Creator made content. As of December 2021, the market distribution of NFT from CryptoCrystal, a blockchain game released in 2018, exceeded 500 million yen. The Minto Character Land sale (for NFT) at “The Sandbox” in November 2021 resulted in sales of over 250 million yen in 4 minutes. We also took part in the NFT content demonstration experiment of the "LINE Blockchain" in December 2021.


Minto is looking for creators and business person.