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Creating work that will transcend generations

Our business is producing digital IP and content. We develop IP in our own studio and also license IP made by creators and companies. We are the leading company in the world, with a cumulative number of sticker downloads screeding 5 billion. Currently we are also focusing on the development of overseas licenses through overseas branch offices in China, Thailand and Vietnam. From 2021 onwards, we launched Minto Studio, a production studio to make vertically scrolled webcomics, also known as “Webtoons”, and started work production.

Business Development

IP Production

Production of manga and anime specifically for Social Media in Japan and overseas, focusing on the characters. Not just developing original IP in our own studio, but also developing in collaboration with creators and partner companies, as well as licensing for other companies overseas.

Webtoon studio “Minto Studio”

This is a production studio specialized in webtoons, opened in 2021. We are building our own webtoon production system, using the production know-how from Japan and overseas, as well as the creator network we cultivated over 10 years.