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Case Study


Cryptocrystal, blockchain game

Released a blockchain app for Ethereum full-on-chain in May 2018. It’s a game to discover cute characters with jewelry used as their motifs. About 10,000 NFTs were created on the blockchain. Its popularity rekindled with the 2021 vintage NFT boom. In a single month in September 2021 around 400 million yen were exchanged in sales and purchases. There is also an active Discord community.

Opening of Minto Land on The Sandbox

Established Minto Land in partnership with The Sandbox by Metaverse. More than 200 million yen were recorded in sales in the Land opening sale, with NFTs sold out in 4 minutes. Created mini games at Minto Land, and will continue to develop Land and work to make it enjoyable for fans of characters and for fans of The Sandbox.

Producing the world’s first Metaverse partnership for Captain Tsubasa

The world’s first deployment and sales of beloved worldwide Japanese manga IP “Captain Tsubasa” NFTs produced by Minto for Metaverse was announced and is currently in production. Various collaborations are in development, mainly on The Sandbox.