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Case Study


A worldwide viral sensation: weird and cute Betakkuma

Energetic, intense and mesmerizing! This white bear with realistic movement has a disturbingly cute appeal, and his name is Betakkuma.

An original character from its own studio, with over 3.5 million friends on LINE. Sticker download numbers exceeded 750 million, showing that it’s popular not only in Japan but also in Southeast Asia. The video “Let’s dance with Betakkuma” shared on Facebook got over 10 million views, and exploded in User Generated Content. There are also many cases of corporate tie-ups in Japan and overseas with beverages, food products, automobile manifacturers and government agencies.

Usagyuun, Asia’s darling!

Cute and fun! A surreal little bunny called “Usagyuun”.

Usagyuun is an original character born from it’s own studio, that became very popular across Asia, drawing attention in Thailnd, Taiwan and Japan.
The total sticker download numbers surpassed 650 million. It got many partnership deals with Uniqlo and other companies in Japan. In 2021 an IP project mixing music and characters called “cinnamons × evening cinema “summertime” × Usagyuun” was launched worldwide.

Over 1 billion yen in product distribution in China

Lovely MongMong was created by Korean Creator Rotary and produced in China. With over 200,000 followers on Weibo, and market scale exceeding 1 billion yen.

Stuffed animals and apparel products for teens are under development, while products are sold all over China, as well as products for major miscellaneous items chain stores such as Miniso, M&G Stationery, and others. And even more is coming up soon.

Over 7000,000 social media followers!

Minto aquired the exclusive Japanese internal master license rights to the Chinese-born character Dooro Bear, and now is in charge of its commercialization, digital business and also social media operation. In just 2 months of social media managing the number of TikTok followers exceeded 130,000 people, thus reaching 1st place in the trending ranking.

The cute videos with high quality 3D animation won over Japan, and currently the total number of social media followers is over 500,000. Distribution on Line Voom and Gyao! started in December 2021. Now there are plans to expand towards developing licensed products. It is quite popular among women. There are many tie-up cases with ice cream makers and other cooking utensils.

Broadcasting a mini-animation on nationwide Japanese TV!

Although the character scolds you, he is quite comforting. Got over 100,000 followers on Twitter in a month. After that, it exploded into a wide range of activities, such as having a book made, a collaboration cafe, and he even received LINE Stamp Monthly MVP award. With many fans overseas in China, South Korea and Taiwan, now translated books and products are under development. A TV mini-animation is being shown on every broadcasting station across Japan starting spring 2021. It became a hot topic as soon as an original painting was completed at the first original art pieces exhibition at Maruzen Marunouchi Main Store.

A collaboration project mixing music and manga

A joint project with Sony Music. In this project the artists write original songs based on a manga, so a music video is created using scenes from the original manga, then produced and distributed. Here different creators from music and manga areas collaborate to make new works, mutually leveraging to each others’ talents.