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Content Solutions


Case Study

Content Solutions

Social Media and Manga

Content production with Asahi Kasei Home Products Co. Ltd. for Disaster Prevention Day on September 1st. Popular creators presented comics on social media about the many ways to use a Saran Wrap® in case of an emergency or disaster, called “Saran Wrap usage techniques just in case”. Out of the ordinary suggestions were presented in the works, gathering a lot of comments in response.

Content and Voice Acting

Production of “Comforting manga to make you soft and smiling”, through Pyuararu Gumi candy official Twitter account, operated by Kabaya Foods Co. Ltd. Produced daily 4-panel comics serialized from Monday to Thursday, followed by a collaboration animation with a popular voice actor on Fridays. The works portrayed heartwarming interactions between people and the Pyuararu candy fairy Pyuararu-san.

Social Media and Serialized Content

Delivered the planning and production of a serialized manga series on the official Twitter account for “Project Piplup”, run by Pokemon Co. Ltd. In this 10 episode series, hard working Piplup starts working as an assistant to the grumpy veteran writer Ryunosuke. The final episode was a big hit. After the full release the series was animated, as well as edited into a booklet and distributed nationwide as a promotional booklet perk at Pokemon Centers.

Offline Usage

Production of “Sushiro aru aru! Manga”, a collaboration manga with Akindo Sushiro Co., Ltd. Three popular creators that are active on social media were selected: Gyuunyuu, Aomuro and Yoshimoto Yuutanuki. They made stories, each from their own perspective, about things that happen when a parent and a child go to a Sushiro restaurant. The works that had the most acclaim on Twitter got distributed to customers in store in the form of leaflets.