Minto Inc.

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About Minto

Minto was established when Quan inc. merged with wwwaap inc. in January 2022. It is set on developing and establishing a creator economy for manga and anime creators to deliver their content to the world.
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Content solution service

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Our service uses the creative powers of creators to intermediate and solve communication issues that might arise between consumers and businesses. We will provide whatever is required, from planning to direction and result analysis.
We accumulated considerable know-how concerning manga and anime content production and tie-in achievement, evaluated by many companies. Moreover, we develop social media content marketing and community management services abroad, mainly focused on Asian countries.

IP production service

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We work in content production and IP (Intellectual Property) for social media, both by developing IP in our own studio and by licensing IP for creators and companies. The cumulative amount of sticker downloads we amassed is over 5 billion, a leading achievement worldwide.
Our overseas branch offices in China, Thailand and Vietnam are currently also focusing on licensing developments abroad. Furthermore, we also started a webtoon production studio in 2021.

Web3 services

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This is a new business model that uses blockchain technology in Web3 and creator-made content. The NFT for the blockchain game CryptoCrystal, released in 2018, exceeded the market distribution amount in about 500 million Japanese yen, as of December 2021.
In November 2021 the Minto Character Land Sale (NFT Sale) in the game The Sandbox sold over 250 million yen in 4 minutes. We also took part in the proof-of-concept demonstration for Line blockchain NFT content in December 2021.


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We are currently looking for professionals in every role.
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